Meet Sarah, Shop Owner

Tired of chasing after wishy washy clients and prospects?
Sick of the real estate rat race?
Ready to kick the bullshit marketing gimmicks to the curb?

You’ve come to the right place!

Hi! I'm Sarah Layton, The "Best" Real Estate Writer and the owner of this real estate resources store.
Professional Real Estate Writer Sarah Layton
I work with the best real estate professionals in the game. My mission is to help people like you to attract your dream clients to you, so you never have to chase them again.

How do I do this? Through my powerful, strategic, and profitable real estate copywriting and content marketing coaching.

I love helping dedicated agents like you become a hero to your prospects and clients!

I've made 1 client more than $40,000 in commission just 48 hours after hiring me!

I live for those moments.

Clients tell me I have a knack for translating complex real estate concepts into easy-to-digest content that breeds true believers and puts more money in their pockets.

They say that "content is king but distributions is queen and she wears the pants", and it's so true! Therefore, I will also coach you on how to leverage that content so you get the best possible return on your investment.

I don't just want to be some stranger that writes for you. I want to be your partner in success!

I want to turn you into the local expert. No matter how young you are, or how inexperienced, content can turn you into an expert in the eyes of your ideal real estate clients.

Please come back to my real estate resource store regularly for checklists, planners, marketing tools, and everything else you need to crush it in real estate.